Here is some easy English for you. A lot of my students tend to use “but” a little too much.

I studied really hard for a month, but I failed the test.

This is OK, but I feel that most Japanese might say something like


..using a のに, not a けど.

So, an easy way to express のに in English is “even though“.

Even though ___A____ , ____B_____ .


___B____ even though ____A____ .


  • Even though I studied really hard for a month, I failed the test.
  • My Japanese is not so good, even though I’ve been living in Japan for almost 14 years.
  • Even though she promised she would come to the party, she never showed up.
  • Even though he’s Japanese, Hiro hates sushi.
  • I can never remember the word “断る”, even though I’ve studied it countless times.
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